Thank you for visiting my instrument gallery. While foremost in my violin making is the goal of producing excellently sounding instruments, it is also important for me to finish these instruments, whether antiqued or pristine, in such a way that they capture the spirit of classical Italian varnishes as they were or have become.

From time to time we will add additional example instruments to this page. Please email us if you would like to receive a list of currently available instruments. Click here to contact us. For each violin displayed on this page, there are several thumbnails. Click on the thumbnail to view a larger image.

Examples of Kelvin Scott's Workmanship:

Pristine Varnish, 1717 Stradivari Model, Winner of Bronze Medal
at the 2009 Triennale Competition in Cremona, Italy

STRAD SIDEbullettri bellybulletstrad backbulletstrad scrollbulletSTRAD SIDE

arcAntique Varnish, Gasparo da Salo Model Viola, 16"arc

salo backbulltetsalo scrollbulletsalo belly detbulletsalo belly side


Pristine Varnish, Giuseppe Guarneri "Del Gesu"



arcAntique Varnish, Guarneri Modelarc

STRAD SIDEbullettri bellybulletstrad backbulletSTRAD SIDEbulletstrad scroll

Gasparo Da Salo 16 3/8" Viola,
Winner of Gold Medal at 2004 VSA Competition

After Antonio Stradivari, PG Model


A 1734 Guarneri Del Gesu


A 1711 Antonio Stradivari

Pristine Varnish, after Guarneri Del Gesu

(see this unatiqued violin on Sheila's Violin Corner)

A Late Period Guarneri Del Gesu

A Violin with Commemorative Design

A 1733 Guarneri del Gesu


A 1706 Antonio Stradivari



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